A man in the forest carrying a log on his right shoulder and holding an axe in his left hand.
A man in the forest carrying a log on his right shoulder.

Woodchip heating systems

A small pile of wood chips.

Woodchip heating systems

The proven woodchip heating systems from Schmid set standards in combustion technology and impress with their high level of operating convenience. Our woodchip heaters with an output of 25 kW - 8 MW are mainly used in multi-family houses, in commercial operations, agriculture or in industry as well as local and district heating.

The regionally felled energy wood is processed in the forest to Wood chips and transported to the consumer. By storing the felled and not defoliated trees for several months, a significant pre-drying is already achieved. The area-wide supply throughout the year is guaranteed.

Our product range

  • Schmid UTSD wood chips and pellet heating system

    UTSD Pellet & Woodchip Heating System

    Biomass heating UTSD is designed for burning pellets or wood chips. The UTSD series of systems combines robust construction, sophisticated...

    area of application
    Trade, industry, public, wood processing industry, agriculture
    Wood chips / pellets
    Power range
    25 - 260 kW
  • Plant diagram Side view of a UTSR visio moving grate furnace

    UTSR visio moving grate furnace

    The biomass heating system has a wide power range with high fuel flexibility: the automatic moving grate furnace UTSR visio is designed for the combustion of...

    area of application
    Commercial, industrial, public, wood-processing industry, agriculture, local and district heating
    Wood chips / pellets / bark / residual wood / special fuels
    Operating medium
    Hot water / hot water / steam
    Power range
    180 - 8000 kW
    fuel-water content
    M 10-60
    Grate cooling
  • Plant diagram Side view of a UTSK visio underfeed firing system

    Underfeed firing UTSK visio

    The compact firing system for dry chips, moist wood chips as well as residual wood.

    area of application
    Agriculture, woodworking industry, carpentry, local and district heating.
    Wood chips / residual wood
    Operating medium
    Hot water / Hot water
    Power range
    180 - 900 kW
    fuel-water content
    M 10-50
    Grate cooling

Climate premium

Are you replacing a fossil gas or oil heating system with a renewable heating system? Benefit from attractive subsidies.

Frequently asked questions?

The pollution of the air by a wood central heating system is minimal. Measurements by chimney sweeps prove this. Controlled burning of the fuel takes place. Air pollution is mainly caused by fireplaces and tiled stoves.

Current data from Holzenergie Schweiz show that a good 20 % of domestic energy wood is still available. The surge in demand for wood in recent times will level off again. With the fuel wood, regional value creation is promoted.

Heating with wood isCO2 neutral. What does that mean? When wood is burned, only as much carbon dioxide is released into the environment as the wood also absorbed during its growth. With oil and gas, only pollutants are released.

An important prerequisite for optimal combustion is the correct storage of the fuel; wood log should be well ventilated and stored in a dry place for approx. 2 - 3 years, depending on the thickness. Too moist or dirty lump wood is not only uneconomical to burn, but can also lead to more pollutant emissions at low combustion temperatures.

In principle, an oil tank can be replaced 1:1 and the existing space can continue to be used.

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Intelligent details - for efficient heating tomorrow

The wood chip furnace of Schmid AG has different features depending on the design. The primary and secondary air is supplied via EC fans. In addition, an air damper is also controlled. The combustion chamber is constantly monitored in negative pressure. The EC flue gas fan regulates to a changing flue draught as well as to an optimized combustion. The touch display of the boiler control offers maximum ease of use, thanks to its simple and clear menu control and fast response speed. It controls the entire heating system, from fuel supply and combustion to heating circuits and energy storage. Decoupled drive forces and automatic reversing via current measurement of the fuel feed screws, rotary valves and ash screws causes foreign bodies to be loosened. Reversing can also be controlled manually. Thanks to the sophisticated system of combustion chamber geometry made of high-quality refractory concrete, even moist fuels up to M40 can be fed to the combustion process. This heavy-duty design promises a long service life as well as additional safety thanks to combustion chamber temperature sensor, vacuum control and lambda probe. Specially designed containers ensure convenient ash disposal. The type and position of the containers can be planned variably. This allows ideal positioning in the boiler room. Special solutions with filter ash into a container are possible.

Renewable raw material

Pellets and wood chips as fuel have many advantages, but a particularly big advantage lies in the raw material wood. Thanks to it, a pellet or wood chip heating system offers clean and environmentally friendly operation. The raw material for pellets and wood chips is wood, which comes mainly from the region, which savesCO2, because intensive transport routes are eliminated. It also strengthens the local economy and creates jobs in the region. Wood is a reliable energy source; during combustion, only as muchCO2 is released as the wood bound from the air during its growth.

fuel Wood chips

Wood chips are a domestic and environmentally friendly fuel. In addition, they support the regional value chain, are available in large quantities and for forest owners or wood processors they are an effective fuel, which pays off and is easy on the wallet. Wood chips are usually produced from wood residues from classic wood processing or forest wood, for which they are crushed by machine.

Wood, the economical alternative

Heating with wood isCO2 neutral. What does that mean? When wood is burned, only as much carbon dioxide is released into the environment as the wood also absorbed during its growth. Thus, by using a woodchip boiler, you can make an active contribution to the sustainable protection of the climate.