Different fuels from forest cuttings and residual wood waste
Different fuels from forest cuttings and residual wood waste
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residual wood and special fuels

Special fuel: waste wood on the left, chestnut shells on the right

residual wood and special fuels

Compared to fossil fuels such as oil and gas, the generation of energy from different wood fuels and biomass is much more demanding. Above all, "residual or waste wood" from the wood processing industry, but also special fuels such as grain residues are used as fuel . These fuels place special demands on the combustion process. Depending on the material properties, a water-cooled or an air-cooled moving grate is used.

For special fuels, the water-cooled moving grate firing system is usually used. This type of combustion system is especially suitable for dry fuels with high calorific values, low water content and low ash melting point.

Already realized projects with special fuels:

  • Grain waste from grain cleaning: loose or briquetted
  • Coffee grounds: dried and pressed from instant coffee production.
  • Landscape grasses: dried and pressed
  • Chestnut / chestnut shells
  • Miscanthus
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Corn spindles
  • Hay pellets
  • Straw

Our product range

  • Plant diagram Side view of a UTSR visio moving grate furnace

    UTSR visio moving grate furnace

    The biomass heating system has a wide power range with high fuel flexibility: the automatic moving grate furnace UTSR visio is designed for the combustion of...

    area of application
    Commercial, industrial, public, wood-processing industry, agriculture, local and district heating
    Wood chips / pellets / bark / residual wood / special fuels
    Operating medium
    Hot water / hot water / steam
    Power range
    180 - 8000 kW
    fuel-water content
    M 10-60
    Grate cooling
  • Plant diagram Side view of a UTSK visio underfeed firing system

    Underfeed firing UTSK visio

    The compact firing system for dry chips, moist wood chips as well as residual wood.

    area of application
    Agriculture, woodworking industry, carpentry, local and district heating.
    Wood chips / residual wood
    Operating medium
    Hot water / Hot water
    Power range
    180 - 900 kW
    fuel-water content
    M 10-50
    Grate cooling

Climate premium

Are you replacing a fossil gas or oil heating system with a renewable heating system? Benefit from attractive subsidies.

Fuel tests

If a fuel sample or fuel analysis from a laboratory is available, an initial decision is made as to whether the fuel fits the Schmid product line and the project is pursued in terms of company policy.

Schmid energy AG, solutions has two test plants at its headquarters, on which combustion tests are subsequently carried out.

Depending on the fire behavior of the special fuels, the appropriate type of combustion system is selected and it is decided whether the fuel can be burned pure or mixed with e.g. wood chips.

Successfully tested fuels (without project realization):

  • Cocoa shells
  • Olive pits
  • Composting screen overflow
  • Horse Manure Grain Waste Pellets
  • Leaves / Street cleaning
  • Cigarette waste

High standards in planning, production, commissioning and maintenance are the starting point of our work. Many customers around the world place their trust in us. They are our motivation to give our best again and again. The type of fuel and the customer-specific requirements determine the selection of the firing system. The flatbed moving grate firing system UTSR visio, the underfeed firing systems UTSK visio and UTSP visio, and the moving step grate firing system UTSW are available for selection.
In addition to energy requirement , the fuel type and its properties, such as lumpiness, water content, and ash content, are important factors in choosing the right firing system. Whether for untreated residual wood waste from wood processing or moist wood from landscape conservation to special fuels, we offer you the right firing system for efficient operation as well as excellent service.

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