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  • Schmid with new sales partner in Finland

    Cooperation with Termode Oy On Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Schmid AG, energy solutions signed a cooperation agreement with Termode Oy. With immediate effect, Termode Oy will distribute and install Schmid boilers in the Finnish market. Termode Oy has decades of experience in the energy sector.

  • Cooperation of Schmid AG, energy solutions and Steamergy GmbH & Co. KG

    Two competencies, one vision - electricity and heat from biomass The Paris Climate Agreement agreed on the goal of limiting international climate warming to a maximum of 1.5 °C by 2050 compared to pre-industrial times. At the same time, the...

  • Protrait Philipp Lüscher CEO Schmid Group

    An interview with CEO Philipp Lüscher on the switch to environmentally friendly heating systems

    "Switch to a wood heater or heat pump now!" Finally become independent of oil and gas - and still have a well-heated home. With its wood and heat pump heating systems, Schmid AG, energy solutions accommodates everyone who...

  • Innovation from Schmid - the control revolution adaptive

    Revolution adaptive - automatic detection of fuels and control of firing Video German Video English Video French Changing fuels - no manual readjustment of the system. As a manufacturer of efficient wood boilers, Schmid...

  • The Schmid UTSR furnace with storage heats the surrounding region via district heating.

    Modern district heating networks

    Eschlikon heating network With the subsidiary Schmid Wärmeproduktions GmbH, Schmid itself becomes a heat supplier. The Eschlikon heating network has been in operation since fall 2017 and is being further expanded. While Schmid energy solutions maintains the heating center, the district heating network is supplied by Energie...

  • The warehouse of Wood chips ensures the heat supply for the greenhouses

    Energy for the garden maintenance industry

    Wood energy for the garden maintenance industry The companies Biotta AG and Rathgeb Bio have been working together in partnership for years. Since September 2019, the two companies have also been jointly operating a wood heating center. For 65 years, Biotta has stood for a colorful range of...

  • In the modern joinery residual wood and chips are extracted by the suction system and transported to the silo.

    Cahenzli joinery: chips and wood scraps are more valuable fuel

    Complete satisfaction Chips and wood residues from joineries are not waste but valuable fuel. With Schmid Energy Solutions as a long-term partner, the carpentry and joinery Cahenzli from Trin GR has found the optimized solution for them.

  • Several Schmid heat pumps in different sizes next to each other.

    Heating without gas or oil - with wood or a heat pump

    Efficient heating is good for the environment and for your wallet. But which heating technology should you choose, what do you have to look out for during the planning stage and how do you get subsidies or climate bonuses? Away from gas or oil! That's what many people currently want...

  • On the left is a lump wood heating system of the Novatronic XV product type from Schmid and on the right a modern Stack with a burning fire.

    How clean are wood central heating systems?

    Heating with logs, wood chips or pellets is - despite critics - very environmentally friendly. However, fireplaces, tiled stoves and room stoves can be a problem. In these, combustion is uncontrolled - and operators often fire up incorrectly. It is undisputed:...

  • A wood chip / pellet heating system of the product type UTSD E-Clean including an electronic particle separator.

    e-clean: a filter system perfectly integrated in the boiler

    The ecological aspect is becoming increasingly important - also in heat generation. Schmid AG energy solutions has developed an electrostatic particle separator for its Wood chips- and pellet furnaces UTSD, which can optionally be integrated directly in the boiler . Stylish, space-saving and effective =...

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