UTSR visio moving grate furnace

The biomass heating system has a wide power range with high fuel flexibility: The automatic moving grate furnace UTSR visio is designed for the combustion of forest chips and pellets. The combustion plant is particularly suitable for fuels with a high moisture content.

area of application
Commercial, industrial, public, wood-processing industry, agriculture, local and district heating
Wood chips / pellets / bark / residual wood / special fuels
Operating medium
Hot water / hot water / steam
Power range
180 - 8000 kW
fuel-water content
M 10-60
Grate cooling
Plant diagram Side view of a UTSR visio moving grate furnace

Product details

Cross section of a biomass combution system of the product type UTSR visio from Schmid

1. stoking with stoker, with hydraulic pusher ESCD or direct pusher HFED (optional)
2. automatic ignition (optional)
3. air-cooled flat-bed moving grate with power-dependent feed control (optional: high-alloy grate bars)
4. 3-zone combustion chamber
5. radiation vault
6. secondary air supply 1 and 2
7. 3 draughtheat exchanger
8. controlled boiler bypass (optional)
9. multicyclone with automatic discharge of fly ash
10. boiler door with pneumatic boiler tube cleaning system
11. cleaning door to vault room
12. door with safety interlock to combustion chamber and combustion grate (optional: combustion chamber camera)
13. automatic or manual bottom grate ash removal
14. automatic discharge of grate ash directly into ash garbage can or ash container
15. boiler cladding for reduced radiation loss and noise emissions
16. air intake openings
17. pressure relief flap
18. automatic pressure surge cleaning from boiler bypass (optional)
19. cleaning opening on both sides for multicyclone
20. masonry temperature sensor for monitoring the furnace temperature
21. access opening for bottom grate ash removal
22. flue gas recovery (optional)

Your advantages

  • Revised combustion chamber geometry and masonry quality for very low emission values and optimum burnout over the entire output range with varying fuel.
  • New heat exchanger with high transfer surface for low exhaust gas temperatures and maximum efficiency. Optionally equipped with bypass for maximum filter availability.
  • Exhaust gas recirculation primary and secondary with homogeneous premixing before injection for dry fuels.
  • Preheating of the combustion air by suction via the boiler cladding, thus lower heat radiation via the boiler cladding
  • Newly developed grate door locking system with electromechanical safety cut-in. With O2 monitoring of the combustion chamber. Optionally with camera for optimum monitoring.
  • Further developed control software to guarantee low emissions even in low-load operation with start/stop behavior.
  • Operation optimization through plant monitoring with remote access.

Climate premium

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  • Industry | Woodchips | local and district heating | Process steam | UTSR

    Joint heating center Biotta and Rathgeb

  • 2 Schmid UTSR furnaces heat the Uster hospital from the Uster Nord heating network.

    Woodchips | Local and district heating | UTSR visio

    Modern energy center in the new Uster hospital

  • Woodchips | Local and district heating | UTSR visio

    Innvik, Norway

  • Waermeverbund-greifensee-UTSR-visio-Schmid woodchip heating

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    Unholz Wärme AG, Greifensee heating network, Switzerland

  • A wood chip silo stands in front of a greenhouse of holmen skog company.

    Fuel mixture | District heating | UTSR

    Holmen Skog AB, SE-Gideå

  • A UTSR furnace from the Schmid company is located in Vintl at the energy cooperative in a well-decorated hall.

    District heating | Woodchips | UTSR

    Energy Cooperative Vintl, IT Vintl

  • A UTSR Schmid firing system is assembled on the new building site of Gebrüder Steininger in Rastenfeld Germany.

    Fuel mixture | District heating | UTSR

    Gebrüder Steininger GmbH, en-Rastenfeld

  • Two UTSR Schmid furnaces are located in the wood hall of the biomass heating plants at Schluchsee in Germany.

    District heating | Woodchips | UTSR

    biomass heat plant, en-Schluchsee

  • The UTSR furnace from the Schmid company is installed in the new building of the Alt St. Johann district heating center.

    Fuel mixture | District heating | UTSR

    District heating station, Alt St. Johann

  • The building of the heating center GESA Chaleur is nestled between a forest and a meadow.

    Fuel mixture | District heating | UTSR

    GESA Chaleur - Pra-Bosson / La Tour-en-Trême

  • The district heating association Sarnen has a Schmid UTSR in operation.

    Fuel mixture | District heating | UTSR

    Holz Fernwärme Sarnen AG, Sarnen

  • Knonau heating network, Schmid firing system UTSR 1600 and UTSR 550 - woodchip heating systems

    District heating | Woodchips | UTSR visio

    Knonau heating network

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