Pipes and valves in the boiler house
Pipes and valves in the boiler house

Special applications and process heat

Use in manufacturing and industrial applications

Hot water and steam systems

As a provider of efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply systems, we offer reliable solutions in the field of steam and hot water generation. In addition to pure heat generation, the generation of process energy (hot water and steam applications) at high temperature levels is also an interesting option (e.g. steam for sterilization purposes, process heat for painting and drying booths, etc.).

With maximum operational reliability and perfect adaptation to individual customer requirements, our complete solutions ensure smooth operation. The steam and hot water boilers in combination with the appropriate accessories offer an efficient and future-proof heat supply.

In addition to ready-made plants, the range also includes project-specific designs as well as expert advice from specialists in our plant engineering department.

Hot water boiler

Hot water plants are used in district heating systems for cities or are used for heat transport in industry.

Hot water systems are closed heating systems in which a water temperature of 110 °C or more is reached in boiler and in which the pressurized water is used as the heat transfer medium. These boiler then no longer fall under EN12828, but are considered steam boilers according to EN12953.

To ensure that water does not evaporate at the safety temperature of the boiler but is present in liquid form, a corresponding system pressure is required. This increases progressively with the flow temperature and depends not only on the steam pressure of the water, but also on the control accuracy of the safety fittings such as the temperature limiter, pressure limiter, safety valve, and is thus considerably higher than the evaporation point.

Our product range includes the following hot water boilers:

Product range hot water boilers

Boiler type

Power range

Flow temperature

Hedging pressure

Low pressure

550 - 8000 kW

105 - 115°C

6/10 bar

High pressure

550 - 8000 kW

120 - 150°C

13 bar

All Schmid hot water boilers are designed as forced circulation boilers with external pressure maintenance according to EN12953-6 A.4.

Steam boiler

Steam boiler plants are used in particular in industrial processes. The steam is used, for example, to dry or heat a product.

A steam boiler is a closed heated vessel that serves the purpose of producing steam of higher than atmospheric pressure or hot water with temperatures above 100 °C for heating and operating purposes.

If the steam boiler is used to generate steam, it is referred to as a steam generator. Depending on the use of steam, saturated steam or superheated steam is generated in a steam boiler. Compared to saturated steam, superheated steam is a drip-free, dry gas that is particularly suitable for long pipeline transport or for turbines. To generate superheated steam, a superheater must be integrated in the boiler .

As an extension to our UTSR combustion chamber for fuels with W30-W60, we also offer the following saturated steam boiler series:

Product range steam boilers

Boiler type

Power range

Steam temperature

Working pressure

Fuse pressure (max.)

Low pressure

0.9 - 1.6 t/h

159 - 175°C

5 - 8 bar

10 bar

Medium pressure

0.9 - 12 t/h

175 - 188°C

8 - 11 bar

13 bar

High pressure

1.2 - 12 t/h

189 - 204°C

12 - 16 bar

18 bar

All steam boilers are equipped with the latest safety devices according to EN12953 and are monitored according to the latest safety standards with safety PLC. Customized solutions with a safeguarding pressure of up to 25 bar can also be offered. In addition, our saturated steam boilers can also be equipped with a superheater module to generate hot steam under certain conditions.

Accessories for steam boiler plants

We will also be happy to supply you with the following plant accessories:

  • Feedwater preheater (ECO = Economiser)
  • Feedwater pump module
  • Feedwater vessels with degasser
  • Blowdown cooler
  • Steam control valves
  • Steam quantity measurement
  • Condensate tank

Our product range

The combustion chambers of the following product types are recommended for combination with a hot water or steam boiler.

  • Plant diagram Side view of a UTSR visio moving grate furnace

    UTSR visio moving grate furnace

    The biomass heating system has a wide power range with high fuel flexibility: the automatic moving grate furnace UTSR visio is designed for the combustion of...

    area of application
    Commercial, industrial, public, wood-processing industry, agriculture, local and district heating
    Wood chips / pellets / bark / residual wood / special fuels
    Operating medium
    Hot water / hot water / steam
    Power range
    180 - 8000 kW
    fuel-water content
    M 10-60
    Grate cooling

Frequently asked questions

The superheater is connected downstream of the saturated steam boiler on the steam side and ensures further heating of the saturated steam until the water is present as pure gas. If this process is also to take place during part-load operation of the saturated steam plant, the superheater must be integrated in the steam boiler.

The feedwater preheater, also known as the economizer (ECO), is a downstream unit of the steam boiler on the flue gas side heat exchanger. After circulation through the boiler tubes, the flue gases have a temperature that is 50 - 80 °C above the water temperature in the boiler , i.e. at a pressure of 11 bar = 184 °C + 70 °C = 254 °C. Depending on the boiler pressure and fuel , the efficiency of the system without ECO drops by 5 - 10 %.

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