The entire workforce of the plant in Poland stands with members of the Schmid family between two wood-burning furnaces.
The entire workforce of the plant in Poland stands with members of the Schmid family between two wood-burning furnaces.

Production Poland

Schmid Polska - a success story!

What started out small with 5 people is now an enormous success story. In 2011, the production site in Poland in the city of Elblag was established in addition to the headquarters in Eschlikon. The goal was to bring the added value back into the group with the extended "workbench". However, due to the strong franc, 5 years later we were forced as family and owner to move the complete production to Poland. This decision turned out to be the right one. And since then a lot has happened! At the headquarters and in Switzerland in general, we now have significantly more employees than back then, and Schmid Polska is now also one of the largest employers in the 120,000-strong town of Elblag, near the Baltic Sea coast, with 165 employees. In addition to the production staff, there are currently design engineers, sales staff and project managers employed in Poland. The after-sales department for the Eastern European region is also located here.

A production employee of the Schmid company welds together a screw discharge in Poland.

We want to inspire our customers and partners!

We achieve this not only with solutions that meet our customers' needs, but also with a team of specialists who use their knowledge and skills for the common cause and enjoy a high degree of trust, responsibility and competence.

Flexibility and quality

State-of-the-art firing systems are created on a total area of 7,500m2. The interaction of all people involved in combination with our expertise ensures the flexibility and quality demanded by our customers.

A Schnmid employee processes sheet metal at the plate folding line in the Poland plant.
An employee at Schmid Production in Poland welds metal.
Two plant employees in Poland assemble a Schmid boiler.
A Polish Schmid employee produces sheet metal parts with the state-of-the-art laser system.

State-of-the-art production facilities

They make the work much easier and more precise. State-of-the-art laser beam equipment, bending machines and computer-controlled welding equipment are used. We can thus guarantee a high standard of quality.

The Schmid production hall in Poland houses heating components

Would you like to visit us?

If you would like to see for yourself, you are cordially invited to visit us in Elblag Poland.