Voegeli, 8252 Schlatt

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The Voegeli family's detached house had always been heated with a log burner. The existing log boiler had to be replaced due to its age. It was immediately clear to the builders that they wanted to use wood again as a natural resource. resource.

area of application
The new log burner heats the underfloor heating of the existing detached house. The hot water is heated independently via an electric boiler.

The old buffer storage tank had too little capacity and was replaced by 2 storage tanks of 1000 liters each. Maintenance and cleaning work can be carried out easily with the new room layout. The flue gas system was also replaced to prevent sooting of the chimney.

Piece wood half-meter splits

Due to the failure of the old heating system and autumn temperatures, there was time pressure for the heating replacement. Thanks to good coordination between the various companies, the replacement was completed quickly and without complications.