Bösch, 8543 Bertschikon

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UTSD wood chip heating system at Bösch

The Bösch's multi-generation house has always been heated with Schmid furnaces. Initially, log boilers were used for over two generations. Currently, wood chips are used. Heating with wood is a way of life here, both privately and professionally.

area of application
Heat is generated for two residential buildings with hot water preparation for daily needs. The switch to woodchippings was made for reasons of convenience. This means there is no need to organize a heating sitter during vacation absences.

The existing boiler room has been adapted to the requirements of wood chip firing. The fuel is fed directly to the stoker via a round discharge with spring blades. In order to optimize the heating intervals and costs, a second buffer storage tank with 750 liters was added.

Wood chips

The two houses require 18 kW of heating power and are connected by a district heating pipe. "Grosipapi" Bösch and his son share the work. Ideally, the junior works for a wood chip producer.

September 2023

Bösch UTSD discharge
Bösch UTSD discharge
UTSD wood chip heating system at Bösch