Sports hall Landhaus, 9053 Teufen

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In a boiler room, a wood chip heater of the product type UTSD E-Clean is located on the left and the fuel Wood chips  is visible on the right.

The municipality of Teufen operates the 3-fold sports hall with changing rooms, office, 2 theory rooms, foyer, gymnastics and weight room for the school and clubs. The sports hall is the meeting point for athletes but also cultural events and connects people from young to old.

area of application
The heating system provides the building complex with year-round thermal energy so that visitors feel completely comfortable. In addition, the regional added value is promoted, which is enormously important to the community of Teufen.

The Wood chips are transported from the chip store to the heating system via various screw conveyors. The existing screw conveyors were brought up to date by a service and can therefore continue to be used.

Wood chips

Conversion of an existing wood chip heating system (third-party brand) with continued use of the existing push floor and screw discharge.

July 2021