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Novatronic 1M Spälten with WP domestic hot water boiler

On the farm in SH, a new Novatronic replaces the existing 1/2m log burner. It was important to the builders to be able to burn 1m of wood chips in order to keep the daily effort to a minimum.

area of application
The heating system heats the radiators in the farmhouse, while the domestic hot water is heated autonomously by a NIBE heat pump boiler.

The existing buffer volume was increased from 3000 liters to 5000 liters to ensure the highest possible level of comfort with as few heating intervals as possible. The entire system (furnace/boiler/buffer) was supplied by Schmid AG, energy solutions.

Lump wood meter splits (mixed wood)

The Novatronic boiler has an automatic ignition system and manual cleaning. This keeps the workload to a minimum and significantly increases efficiency.

July 2023