Rickli, 4922 Bützberg

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In a boiler room there is a wood chip heating system of the product type UTSD including an ash container and the screw conveyor.

In the past, the farmhouse of the Rickli family was heated exclusively by the wood-burning stove. The daily amount of work required to generate heat triggered the desire for an automatic furnace. The wood from their own forest should of course continue to be used as a heat source. Today, the new UTSD woodchip heating system with an output of 30 kW provides the desired comfort.

area of application
Heat production for the residential house and hot water production for private as well as agricultural needs.

The former potato cellar under the car garage was converted into a boiler room and silo. Thus, the chip store can be practically filled with the yard loader.

Wood chips

44 m of heating pipes run unobtrusively through the economy building. The existing storage tank could be integrated into the new heating system and the wood-burning stove can still be used for cooking and heating.

April 2020