Pena, 5712 Beinwil am See

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In a boiler room there is a pellet heating system of the product type Hapero Re² from Schmid.

Pena, 5712 Beinwil am See

The upcoming extension moved the Pena family to rethink the existing heating system. The fuel oil was no longer an option for them. Convinced of renewable energy, they decided to replace the existing oil heating system with the Hapero pellet heating system.

area of application
Heat generation and hot water production for the single-family house with two heating circuits.

Thanks to the compact pellet heating system and the storage tank with integrated boiler, the space in the small boiler room was used optimally.


The pellet store was made to measure and equipped with an inclined floor. Thus, the pellets automatically slide into the discharge screw. By means of a suction system, they reach the boiler over a distance of 15 meters. With this individual storage and conveying system, the new plant could be implemented without major structural adjustments.

November 2019