Lüthi, 3400 Burgdorf

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In a boiler room, on the left, there is a lump-wood heating system of the Novatronic XV product type, and on the right, the control screen is visible.

The Novatronic XV 80/50 lump wood firing system with automatic ignition and heat exchanger cleaning provides heating comfort for the Lüthi family. The simple operation of the boiler is particularly appreciated. Since a lump wood furnace was already in use before, the existing regulation for the heat distribution was taken over. Despite the limited space available, a 5,740 l storage tank was integrated by means of space welding. With this storage volume, the charging frequency is significantly lower.

area of application
Heat production (1 radiator circuit) and hot water production for the farmhouse with an area of about 250 m2.

The existing, concrete boiler room (in accordance with fire protection regulation EI60) could continue to be used with minor adjustments such as fresh air opening and insertion opening.

Piece wood meter splits

Thanks to the new Novatronic XV with its optimized combustion chamber design, fuel consumption has been significantly reduced. The Lüthi family estimates that they need up to ¼ less wood than with the previous lump wood combustion system.

August 2019