Schuwey joinery, 1655 Im Fang

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Owner Mr. Schuwey stands in front of his Schmid UTSD firing system. The fuel is transported from production to the silo via a suction system.

The existing heating plant no longer met the emission limits according to LRV. The existing fuel - a mixture of chips, Wood chips and sawdust - requires optimal combustion and fine regulation of the heating system. The new UTSD boiler makes this possible. Due to the sophisticated system of combustion chamber geometry, made of high-quality refractory concrete, even moist fuels up to M40 can be fed to the combustion.

area of application
Heat generation and hot water heating for the workshop, the offices and the two drying chambers.

The existing boiler room and the fuel silo in the building can continue to be used in accordance with regulations.

Wood chips

Thanks to the detailed planning and the adherence to schedules of all parties involved, the interruption of operations during the heating system replacement was extremely low.

September 2020