Heierli AG, 9055 Bühler

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A wood chip heating system of the product type UTSD from Schmid.

Heierli AG, 9055 Bühler

The carpentry & joinery Heierli AG has built a new hall / workplaces at its headquarters in Bühler. The Heierli AG is a known quantity in Appenzell, because they are the professionals for traditional as well as modern buildings, thus masters of their craft.

area of application
The heating system presents itself as the star in the basement of the hall and provides several buildings with year-round thermal energy. Valuable fuel is created from the waste produced by the work carried out and from residual wood . With this investment, the value chain is effectively extended.

The Wood chips is transported from the processing area to the storage room by means of an exhaust system. The underfeed floor transports the fuel to the discharge. The wood chips reach the heating system by means of the subsequent transport screws.

Wood chips / residual wood

The dimension of the wood storage and the push floor is prepared for expansion to the district heating center.

November 2021