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Sustainable heat in horticulture

The energy transition also poses challenges for companies in the horticultural sector. Rising costs for heating oil and gas, uncertainties in the development of electricity prices and the requirements for the CO2 balance are the focus here. The Häussermann company modernized its energy center two years ago and now relies on heat from wood chips.

Häussermann Stauden + Gehölze in Möglingen produces around 4 million perennials, herbs and grasses every year on 14 hectares of land, including 3 hectares of greenhouses. The extensive range of woody plants is grown on a further 35 hectares.

A family business, several generations, 3,500 species and varieties, one environment

Häussermann is constantly testing new varieties and species and adapting the range to new trends and climatic conditions. Propagated young plants are grown in heated greenhouses, potted up after rooting and transferred to the open field.

"It is essential to invest heavily in sustainable and environmentally friendly processes in the long term, not only for environmental reasons, but also from a financial perspective," says Martin Häussermann, the company's senior partner."

"It is important to become as independent as possible from uncontrollable but indispensable production factors such as the availability of water, electrical energy and the existing fossil fuels for fuel and heating, and to strive for a high degree of self-sufficiency"

There are now 3 ponds with 40,000 m³ available to cover 90% of the company's water requirements. Attention is also paid to reusability and recycling when using plastics. Defective pots are processed into granulate on site by a recycler and reused to produce new pots. Internal transportation is carried out exclusively with electric vehicles of all kinds. From electric bicycles to electric tractors.

Modernization of the heat supply

The biggest step towards sustainability was the modernization of the energy center. Two anthracite coal boilers for the base load were replaced by an 850 kW Schmid wood-fired boiler. The existing heating oil boiler was reintegrated as a back-up. Only a few minor adjustments were necessary to the existing structure of the central heating plant.

A drivable fuel store with a capacity of 180 m³ was built in the rear outdoor area. When the boiler is operating at full load, this corresponds to a range of approx. six to seven days.

When selecting boiler and conveyor technology, Häussermann attached great importance to the widest possible range of fuels in terms of moisture and size. The Schmid counter-current firing system enables Häussermann to recycle its waste from hedge and maintenance cuttings, forest maintenance wood and the flexible purchase of available fuel.

Fluctuations in the daily heat requirement are balanced out by a buffer heat storage tank of 400,000 liters. An exhaust gas condensation system increases efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by recovering heat from the flue gas.

With the PersonalTouch visio control unit, the operator can also control and optimize the boiler remotely. In Schmid's optional remote maintenance package, the system's operating data can also be evaluated, trends generated and made available to the customer on a regular basis.

"With the new wood firing system, we have ended the fossil age and closed another cycle, the sensible use of waste wood and wood from landscape conservation. We have replaced 300 tons of hard coal per year, which is in line with our sustainability strategy and has a positive impact on our energy costs. Thanks to the efficient Schmid boiler, the downstream electrostatic precipitator and the flue gas condensation system, we have almost zero dust emissions and maximum energy yield. More is not possible"! Christian Häussermann, Member of the Management Board

"We greatly appreciate the competent input from the Schmid team during the project planning phase and the support we received when applying for funding. But also the critical and constructive exchange during the implementation phase. The nearby service branch and Telemaintenance provide us with the best possible support."

Picture by Häussermann Stauden + Gehölze, Möglingen (en) / Installation of heating center

Brief info:

Boiler type: UTSR 1.200.32-1 visio
Output: 850 kW
fuel : Wood chips natural finish
Application: Heating greenhouses
Discharge: Hydraulic moving floor accessible
Dedusting: electrostatic precipitator Meister
Commissioning: 2023
Savings on heating oil: approx. 180,000 liters
Client: Martin Häussermann Stauden und Gehölze
Installation site: en-71696 Möglingen