Gebrüder Steininger GmbH, en-Rastenfeld

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A UTSR Schmid firing system is assembled on the new building site of Gebrüder Steininger in Rastenfeld Germany.

Gebrüder Steininger GmbH, D-Rastenfeld

General information
Since December 2020, a new heating plant has been in operation at the Steininger sawmill, which supplies the drying kilns and the pellet plant with heat. In operation is an 8 MW plant of the type UTSR visio, which is mainly supplied with bark as well as crosscut wood as fuel . The firing system is suitable for a fuel moisture content of 10 to 60% and is thus ideal for the requirements of the sawmill. A moving floor with hydraulic feeder brings the material into the boiler, while sensors monitor the feed.

area of application
Fire drying / drying chamber

Wood chips and bark

type of combustion system
Moving grate furnace
UTSR-8000 visio

Capacity Total
8 MW

Silo discharge
Moving floor discharge

Filter in use? Which one?
electrostatic precipitator IS Save Energy

In use since
November 2020