Faber, 8360 Eschlikon

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Schmid heat pump air-to-water F2120-NIBE

Faber, 8360 Eschlikon

The environmentally friendly air / water heat pump F2120-16 replaces the existing oil heating system from 1984. Conveniently placed under the terrace, bordered with wood as a decorative element and due to the quiet operation, the heat pump is hardly noticed from the outside.

area of application
Heat generation and water heating for the single-family house with granny annexe of about 210 m².

The change from oil heating to heat pump brought more space. Thus, the former oil tank room was converted into a sauna. The existing 600 l boiler could be integrated into the new heating system and was supplemented with a 500 l storage tank.

Outside air

The increase in efficiency alone (without additional thermal insulation) enabled the heat pump with a nominal output of 16 kW to replace the 20 kW oil heating system.

October 2019