Divino AG, 3053 Münchenbuchsee

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In a boiler room, in the center, there is a pellet heating system of the product type UTSD. To the left of it is the mechanical conveying system and to the right of it the associated ash containers.

Divino AG, 3053 Münchenbuchsee

At the wine specialist DiVino in Münchenbuchsee, the 140 kW pellet firing system UTSD with mechanical conveying system (circular discharge and ascending screw) is in use.

area of application
The plant provides the process heat and supports the production facilities with thermal energy all year round.

The existing premises have been extended to meet the specific requirements of the plant and have been converted to comply with fire regulations. The pellet store with a capacity of about 49 m³ could also be integrated. A space-welded energy storage with a volume of 15 m³ was built into two floors by means of a floor breakthrough.


Bivalent operation (pellet fuel oil), higher-level control and integration of the plant into the local control system, and operating temperature up to 95°C.

September 2019