Course and Sports Center Kuspo, 3775 Lenk

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KUSPO Course and Sports Center Kuspo, 3775 Lenk-Schmid-UTSD pellet heating systems

Course and Sports Center Kuspo, 3775 Lenk

The KUSPO is known for a wide variety of events such as the JUSKILA, military service or private parties. According to the versatile use and the season, the heat demand varies significantly - from 220 kW up to 880 kW. The use of 4 x 220 kW pellet boilers UTSD perfectly compensates for this difference in heat production.

area of application
Heat generation and hot water production for the restaurant and seminar operation, the multi-purpose hall and three accommodation houses.

The former heating oil tank room has been converted into two pellet storage rooms of about 48 m³. From there, the pellets are sucked over a distance of 37 m to the boilers. The four underfeed firing systems ensure optimum combustion of the fuel. The exhaust gases are cleaned by the integrated e-clean filters.


The ash is removed from all four boilers, including the filter, fully automatically by means of a collecting screw into a large ash container.

January 2021