Brühwiler, 8360 Eschlikon

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This lovingly managed detached house is situated in a sunny location in beautiful Eschlikon. The old oil burner and tank have had their day. An environmentally friendly alternative was to be installed to replace the heating system. The Schmid SWA heat pump was the logical choice. In order to optimize electricity consumption, the next step is to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the house.

area of application
The SWA is a modern air/water heat pump, the ideal solution for sustainable and efficient heating. Only high-quality components have been used in its construction. This technology uses the natural ambient air. The preparation of hot water is controlled separately via a domestic hot water heat pump, which makes the entire system more efficient.

Ambient air

From the quotation to the installation, everything worked perfectly and on time. In addition, the SWA air/water heat pump offers outstanding value for money and is available in two colors.

December 2023