biomass heat plant, en-Schluchsee

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Two UTSR Schmid furnaces are located in the wood hall of the biomass heating plants at Schluchsee in Germany.

biomass heat plant, en-Schluchsee

General information
solarcomplex AG, as a citizen-owned company, has set itself the goal of converting the regional energy supply largely to renewable energies by 2030. Renewable heating networks in 18 communities, over 50 MW of solar power plants, wind turbines and other renewable energy plants have been realized. Solarcomplex and Schmid AG energy solutions have been working together for many years and have already realized several joint projects. In the transitional period and in winter, two Schmid wood chipboiler plants feed the grid. Only biomass from regional forests is used as fuel . The regenerative local heat replaces about 1 million liters of heating oil per year. This corresponds to a CO2 saving of 2,400 tons/year.

How much CO2 can be saved annually and how much is that converted into heating oil (liters)?
2,400 tons ofCO2
1 million liters of heating oil

area of application
District heating

Wood chips

type of combustion system
Moving grate furnace
UTSR-1200 visio
UTSR-700 visio

Capacity Total
1.9 MW

Silo discharge
Moving floor discharge / scraper chain conveyor, double stroker

Filter in use? Which one?
electrostatic precipitator Master

In use since
January 2020