Cahenzli AG, 7016 Trin

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In a boiler room there is a wood chip / residual wood heating system of the product type UTSD E-Clean including an electronic particle separator and the suction system from Schmid.

Cahenzli AG, 7016 Trin

The carpentry and joinery Cahenzli was founded in 1936. It is a family business from Trin Mulin, which has been able to pass on its craft for 3 generations.

area of application
The UTSD 140/65 wood chip heating system with integrated e-clean particle separator was installed in the new building. This takes over the heat generation for the building.

As a wood processor, the work produces chips and wood residues that are transported directly to the wood silo via the suction system. What is too large is chipped. In this way, no waste is produced during production, but valuable fuel.

Wood chips / residual wood

The e-clean particle separator is integrated directly above the boiler heat exchanger which excludes condensate development and thus causes neither high voltage losses nor corrosion damage. A permanent filter availability >90% can be guaranteed by this system.

November 2021