A technical drawing of a push floor discharge to a Schmid wood furnace.

Moving floor discharge

The hydraulic moving floor discharge is ideal for discharging wood chips from larger storage facilities. Drive-on or non-drive-on push floors in proven design with hydraulically driven push rods sliding wear-free on special inserts.

A technical drawing of a fuel storage with circular discharge above a Schmid wood-burning furnace on second floor.

Round discharge

For the discharge of silos with large diameters and / or large filling heights, horizontal discharge is almost without alternative. This system is characterized by its robust design and trouble-free operation. In addition to the stoking of the boiler plant, silo emptying is possible as an alternative.

A technical drawing of an articulated arm discharge to a Schmid wood-burning furnace.

Articulated arm discharge

The articulated arm discharge enables optimum utilization of space and is a cost-effective alternative for plants in the smaller and medium capacity range. The discharge with two articulated arms gently transports wood chips or pellets from smaller and medium-sized silo or storage rooms. It is suitable for square and round silo bases.

A technical drawing of a center screw discharge to a Schmid wood furnace.

Medium screw discharge

The center screw discharger is the simple and proven system for small elongated spaces for discharging pellets, in the small and medium capacity range. The inclined floor design with screw conveyor guarantees a quiet and gentle transport of the pellets. The conveying system is low-maintenance and convinces by its low power consumption.

A cone discharge: an angle-adjusting screws circulates in a circular motion and conveys the fuel to the silo discharge located in the center.

Cone silo discharge

The cone silo discharge works similarly to an agitator and ensures that the mostly dry fuel slides on its own. The effective diameter of the cone screw discharge can be between 4 - 6 meters. Particularly well suited for round silo bases.

A technical drawing of a fuel crane system that transports the fuel to the supply of the wood-burning plant.

fuel-Crane system

An automated crane system is used for optimal use of space and management of large storage areas. The crane system performs versatile tasks - from storing the fuels in different storage zones to supplying the plant with the fuel mixtures.

We offer fully automatic crane systems for the following tasks:

  • Storage of fuels from dumps and pits
  • Management of fuel silos according to fuel or storage time
  • Removal and feeding of fuels to the transport equipment of the furnace

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