Novatronic XV log heating

The Novatronic XV is developed for the combustion of wood log and is at the cutting edge of combustion technology. It convinces with its robust design and simple operation.

area of application
Agriculture / Forestry / Wood processing / Single-family house / Multi-family house
Piece wood meter and half meter
Operating medium
Hot water
Power range
30 - 80 kW
A lump wood heating system of the Novatronic XV product type from Schmid.

Product details

Cross-section of a lump wood heating system of the Novatronic XV product type from Schmid.
  • Filling lid in ideal position and optimal cross section for the stoking
  • Front grate door for easy lighting and convenient ash removal through large opening
  • Generously designed filling chamber guarantees optimum slippage even with difficult fuel
  • High-heat resistant step/sliding grate for ember bed retention and ash removal
  • Lower burnup with special secondary air injection in the flame channel
  • Vacuum load cell for optimized combustion in part-load operation
  • Primary and secondary air slide valves for steady vacuum-controlled combustion air volume
  • Highly resistant lined combustion chamber guarantees low emissions
  • Vertical heat exchanger tubes allow easy cleaning by hand or automatically
  • Lambda probe and exhaust gas sensor
  • Energy-efficient and speed-controlled EC exhaust fan
  • Manual or automatic heat exchanger cleaning mechanism
  • Highest efficiency guaranteed with 100 mm all-round insulation
  • Forward and return
  • Boiler control with 5" real glass touch display
  • Ignition fan for the automatic ignition

Climate premium

Are you replacing a fossil gas or oil heating system with a renewable heating system? Benefit from attractive subsidies.


  • Novatronic 1M Spälten with WP domestic hot water boiler

    B270 | Domestic hot water heat pump | ecodesign | Agriculture and forestry | Novatronic | Lump wood

    Schlatter, 8222 Beringen

  • A man places a log in the open filling chamber of the Novatronic XV log heater from Schmid.

    Agriculture and forestry | Novatronic | Lumpwood

    Marty, 8852 Altendorf

  • In a boiler room, a man is standing in front of a Novatronic XV product type log heater on the left and two storage tanks are on the right.

    Agriculture and forestry | Novatronic | Lumpwood

    Baumann, 3262 Suberg

  • In a boiler room, on the left, there is a lump-wood heating system of the Novatronic XV product type, and on the right, the control screen is visible.

    Agriculture and forestry | Novatronic | Lumpwood

    Lüthi, 3400 Burgdorf

  • A man kneeling next to a lump wood heater of the product type Novatronic XV from Schmid in a boiler room.

    Trade | Novatronic | residual wood

    Sommerhalder Holzbau AG, 8560 Märstetten

  • In a boiler room there is a lump-wood half-meter cold heating system of the Novatronic XV product type.

    Single family house | Agriculture and forestry | Novatronic | Piece wood

    Reusser, 3672 Oberdiessbach

  • In a boiler room there is a lump wood meter cold heating Novatronic XV.

    Single family house | Novatronic | Piece wood

    Creator, 6196 Marbach

  • A lump wood heating system of the Novatronic XV product type from Schmid.

    Single family house | Novatronic | Piece wood

    Tröhler, 3534 Signau

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Frequently asked questions?

The pollution of the air by a wood central heating system is minimal. Measurements by chimney sweeps prove this. Controlled burning of the fuel takes place. Air pollution is mainly caused by fireplaces and tiled stoves.

Current data from Holzenergie Schweiz show that a good 20 % of domestic energy wood is still available. The surge in demand for wood in recent times will level off again. With the fuel wood, regional value creation is promoted.

Heating with wood isCO2 neutral. What does that mean? When wood is burned, only as much carbon dioxide is released into the environment as the wood also absorbed during its growth. With oil and gas, only pollutants are released.

An important prerequisite for optimal combustion is the correct storage of the fuel; wood log should be well ventilated and stored in a dry place for approx. 2 - 3 years, depending on the thickness. Too moist or dirty lump wood is not only uneconomical to burn, but can also lead to more pollutant emissions at low combustion temperatures.

In principle, an oil tank can be replaced 1:1 and the existing space can continue to be used.

Product description

The Novatronic XV generation for half-meter and meter splits impresses with its simple operation, the touch control. Thanks to state-of-the-art vacuum regulation, combustion is optimized in partial load operation, and the energy-efficient induced draft fan can be operated at reduced speed to ensure low-noise operation. Optionally, the log boiler is supplied with automatic heat exchanger cleaning and automatic ignition. This reduces the manual cleaning effort and the operator gains independence.

A automatic ignition creates a larger time window for filling the boiler, from successful firing to unloading the storage tank. This means that the operator is not bound to fixed firing intervals, which creates additional free space, especially in the transitional period.

Also convincing are the excellent emission values, which are achieved by the efficient negative pressure regulation. The requirements of all current air pollution control regulations, such as the Swiss LRV or the German BImSchV, are more than met.

  • Deep filling edge and large filling volume - thus convenient filling and long refilling intervals
  • Arrangement deep chimney connection right, left and rear selectable
  • Arrangement control and heat exchanger cleaning selectable right and left
  • Easily accessible and large ash pan
  • Extension modules for 1, 2 and 3 heating circuits, freely combinable
  • Optional: Automatic heat exchanger cleaning and ignition.
  • Remote access via your smartphone, tablet and PC