Cahenzli joinery: chips and wood scraps are more valuable fuel



In the modern joinery residual wood and chips are extracted by the suction system and transported to the silo.

To the fullest satisfaction

Chips and wood residues from joineries are not waste but valuable fuel. With Schmid Energy Solutions as a long-term partner, the carpentry and joinery Cahenzli from Trin GR has found the optimized solution for them.

Stefan Cahenzli, owner of the carpentry and joinery Cahenzli, produces stairs, balconies, facades, flooring, furniture, kitchens, doors and bathrooms in his new building in Trin. The Chur site specializes in windows. As a wood processor, Cahenzli produces chips and wood residues - a valuable fuel. The history of the family business, founded in 1936, shows many parallels to the history of Schmid AG. Thus, a cooperation between the two companies was obvious. A UTSD 140/65 wood chip heating system with e-cleanparticle separator was installed in the new building. This takes over the heat generation for the building.

Sensors optimize combustion The UTSD wood chip heating system uses sensors to measure combustion and precisely regulates the supply of fuel, as well as the air supply, and can thus ensure optimal combustion. In this way, even moist fuels up to M40 can be utilized. The automatic ash removal system makes the heater low-maintenance. All relevant information can be called up and the heater monitored via the 7-inch touchscreen. The e-clean particle separator is integrated directly above the boiler heat exchanger, which excludes condensate development and thus causes neither high-voltage losses nor corrosion damage. The system ensures a permanent filter availability greater than 90%. With the automatic boiler cleaning system, the filtered out particles end up in the ash container. The filter system can be retrofitted.
Silo and discharge of the company Cahenzli joinery implemented to perfection.
Silo and discharge of the company Cahenzli joinery implemented to perfection.
UTSD with e-clean reference at joinery Cahenzli Trin.

UTSD wood chip heater with electrostatic particle separator e-clean.

Stefan Cahenzli, it's obvious that you use a wood-fired heating system. Why did you award the contract to the Schmid company?

We already had a wood-fired heating system from Schmid at our previous processing site. It served us well for years. This and the shared company values never left me in doubt about which manufacturer to consider.

What problems did you have to overcome?

From experience, we knew that conveying and chopping the fuel can lead to problems. That is why we had paid special attention to this issue.

What tips do you share with your industry colleagues?

At the beginning, I thought I could just get the individual component manufacturers around the table, present the project, and then things would work out. Here, I underestimated the coordination a bit. Today, I would hire a planner right from the start to take a look at the entire project, do the necessary
the project as a whole, make the necessary calculations for dimensioning, and take over the coordination. Since we currently produce too much fuel in the summer, we cannot
summer, we cannot use it ourselves. This is another issue that we will have to solve later on. Currently, excess fuel is being burned at high cost in the waste incineration plant, which is very annoying from my point of view.

Where could the Schmid company help you in particular?

Thanks to its knowledge and experience, the Schmid company provided important inputs for dimensioning the plant and the general implementation. It provides competent, needs-oriented advice and practical suggestions for solutions. Despite initial difficulties, the plant could now be put into operation to our complete satisfaction thanks to the excellent service.

Stefan Canezli, owner of the Cahenzli joinery, stands in an office room and smiles at the camera.

Stefan Cahenzli
Owner carpentry Cahenzli, Trin

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