Energy for the garden maintenance industry

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The warehouse of Wood chips ensures the heat supply for the greenhouses

Wood energy for the garden maintenance industry

The companies Biotta AG and Rathgeb Bio have maintained a cooperative partnership for years. Since September 2019, the two companies have also been jointly operating a wood heating center.

For 65 years, Biotta has stood for a colorful range of vegetable and fruit juices - 100% natural, 100% organic. With every bottle of Biotta juice, a piece of tasty nature is sent out into the world. Close cooperation with regional organic farmers is an integral part of the holistic
part of the company's holistic philosophy. One of these partners is Rathgeb Bio. The company is run by the third generation and has developed from a simple family business into a leading supplier of organic products. Today, Rathgeb produces over sixty different varieties of vegetables and potatoes.

State-of-the-art condensing steam heating plant in Tägerwilen

The Rathgeb company operates various greenhouses in Tägerwilen, right next to Biotta AG, which has its headquarters in Tägerwilen. Four years before project realization, the neighboring companies talk for the first time about the possibility of a joint heating center. A feasibility study for a heating center including steam generation for process heat is commissioned. External energy experts address the energy-related questions and come to the conclusion that a wood-fired heating system with a high utilization rate throughout the year is the best possible fossil-free option. After a long planning phase, the plant was commissioned in September 2019. Markus Gschwandtner, CFO Biotta: "The Schmid company advised us competently at all times in this demanding project and enjoys our full confidence". Christian Rathgeb, Managing Director at Rathgeb, concurs with this opinion: "Thanks to the extraordinarily competent and committed project team of Schmid AG, the wood combustion plant could be successfully realized". 

Heat and process steam with maximum efficiency

A highly efficient Schmid UTSR-2400.42 moving grate furnace is installed with a Denox combustion chamber for additional reduction of NOx values.
the NOX values. The plant supplies 3.4 tons of steam per hour and an additional 600 kW of heat from the condensing unit. The wood combustion plant permanently supplies Biotta AG with process steam for production (processing vegetables including decanter for juice extraction,
pasteurization and filling of the juices) as well as heat for the office and production facilities. At Rathgeb, keeping the plants frost-free in winter and healthy in summer is of central importance, which is ensured by the climate control of the greenhouses.

Garden center Löwer

The VISIO biomass plant (850 kW), fed with CO²-neutral wood chips from the region, supplies the energy for the modern greenhouse. Thanks to the high flexibility of the plant, the nominal output can be achieved even with moist wood chips and continuous load operation. The fuel store has a volume of 150 m³. In connection with the central ash removal, exhaust gas heat exchanger and buffer storage tank the plant system is automated to the maximum. The plant monitoring runs on web-based Telemaintenance and provides current operating data at any time. The Schmid branch office is available on site for expert and fast service.
"We have switched to a modern wood chip heating system and were able to reduce our energy requirement by 50% (100'000l oil)! With the SCHMID company, we have chosen a competent partner who has advised us professionally from the application for subsidies to the final system concept," Martin Löwer sums up.
One UTSR furnace heats a large area of greenhouses.
One UTSR furnace heats a large area of greenhouses.
Shrub and tree cuttings can be used as fuel for the Schmid furnaces.

Thurgau heating network

So that shrubs and trees bloom and grow well again, the old and partly diseased branches are removed from the shrubs. The "waste" from the shrub cuttings can also be used as fuel .

The material has a high bark as well as fine content, is partly contaminated and furthermore the fuel has a high moisture content. A challenging fuel. But no problem for the Schmid AG firing systems. Best combustion and ash are the end result.

Residual material sensibly recycled: This heating network is located in the canton of Thurgau and supplies various residential units and industry with environmentally friendly heat.

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