e-clean: a filter system perfectly integrated in the boiler

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A wood chip / pellet heating system of the product type UTSD E-Clean including an electronic particle separator.

The ecological aspect is becoming increasingly important - also in heat generation. Schmid AG energy solutions has developed an electrostatic particle separator for its Wood chips- and pellet furnaces UTSD, which can optionally be integrated directly in the boiler . Stylish, space-saving and effective = e-clean.

Separation system for wood heaters

The emission limits for heating systems are clearly regulated in the Clean Air Ordinance LRV. The CO2-neutral fuel wood offers an excellent basis for environmentally friendly heating. With the optimal combustion by the Wood chips- and pellet firing UTSD of the Schmid AG already best emission values are achieved. In order to reduce the fine dust even further, the exhaust gases are additionally cleaned by a particle separator system. Until now, these particle separators or filter systems were installed separately from the boiler. Together with a leading manufacturer, Schmid AG has developed an electrostatic particle separator that can be installed directly in the boiler; the e-clean.

Particle separator e-clean

The e-clean is integrated directly above the boiler heat exchanger so that the exhaust gases are cleaned while still hot. Compared to the usual separators, this has the advantage that condensate development can be excluded and thus no high-voltage losses or corrosion damage occur. Due to the positioning in the hot area, a filter availability of > 90% can be permanently guaranteed. The particles are statically charged via the high-voltage electrodes and are deposited in the second heat exchanger pass. There they enter the ash conveying system by means of automatic boiler cleaning. The separator e-clean can be ordered immediately when placing the order, but can also be retrofitted at a later date.

Pneumatic cleaning Fkon

Another unique feature is the periodic, automatic cleaning of the insulator and the electrode by compressed air. The separator always remains clean and the cleaning effort of the chimney sweep is reduced to a minimum. For the obligatory boiler cleaning, the e-clean can simply be pushed away on the integrated trolley. This saves time for the chimney sweep and money for operator .

Space saving with perfect design

The e-clean electrostatic precipitation attachment was specially developed for the UTSD 25-260 kW Wood chips and pellet boilers. The attachment is mounted directly at the inspection opening of the boiler. In this way, a compact overall system can be supplied. The system rises only about 25 cm and is perfectly integrated in the boiler design. The space for an external filter is eliminated and the acquisition costs are significantly lower.

Wood chips- and pellet firing UTSD

The UTSD type wood firing systems (25 - 260 kW) developed by Schmid are suitable for use in single- or multi-family houses, agricultural or commercial operations, and public buildings. The firing systems have been tested according to the latest EN303-5:2012 regulations and have achieved the highest boiler class 5. The UTSD enables future-oriented and sustainable heating with wood.

A wood chip / pellet heating system of the product type UTSD E-Clean including an electronic particle separator.
A wood chip / pellet heating system of the product type UTSD E-Clean including an electronic particle separator.
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