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  • On the left is a lump wood heating system of the Novatronic XV product type from Schmid and on the right a modern Stack with a burning fire.

    How clean are wood central heating systems?

    Heating with logs, wood chips or pellets is - despite critics - very environmentally friendly. However, fireplaces, tiled stoves and room stoves can be a problem. In these, combustion is uncontrolled - and operators often fire up incorrectly. It is undisputed:...

  • A wood chip / pellet heating system of the product type UTSD E-Clean including an electronic particle separator.

    e-clean: a filter system perfectly integrated in the boiler

    The ecological aspect is becoming increasingly important - also in heat generation. Schmid AG energy solutions has developed an electrostatic particle separator for its Wood chips- and pellet furnaces UTSD, which can optionally be integrated directly in the boiler . Stylish, space-saving and effective =...