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Our history

The highlights from over 80 years of company history.

The new location in Wolfurt (AT) is managed by former KÖB employees with a total experience of more than 80 years. Thus, an operational reliability of Schmid GmbH energy solutions for the product types PYROT / PYROTEC / VITOFLEX-300 (RF / UF) is guaranteed. Thanks to our long experience we are your strong partner for service of KÖB / Viessmann - plants. Our offer includes the supply of spare parts, execution of maintenance, troubleshooting up to the optimization of operation.

By using the Revolution adaptive control, a permanently low residual oxygen content is maintained in the flue gas even with changing fuel quality and the target output is always achieved. The flue gas recovery and air distribution are automatically adjusted and the ember bed is kept constant. This has a positive effect on efficiency, fuel consumption, emissions and wear.

Together with a leading manufacturer, Schmid AG has now developed an electrostatic particle separator that can be installed directly in the boiler: the e-clean. Even with changing fuel quality and stricter emission limits, with e-clean you are well equipped for the future.

Permanent in-house exhibition (showroom)

Experience products for sustainable heat generation up close. Visit our permanent exhibition in Eschlikon or Oey to see our wide range of products without obligation.

What is there to discover?

  • UTSD wood chip and pellet heating system
    Comfortable and individual
  • Pellet heaters RTB & Hapero
    Ideal for the single and multi-family house
  • Log boiler XV
    The new series for 1m or ½ m chips
  • Heat pumps NIBE
    Smart, innovative and environmentally friendly

Schmid AG energy solutions convinces with new touch panel. The PersonalTouch visio is a completely new development. In addition to a modern design and high user-friendliness, attention was paid to the use of the latest web technology.
technology is used. Through the consistent implementation of these three points, a modern operation has been created, which meets the high demands of Schmid combustion plants.

The heat pumps of the NIBE brand are among the world leaders and complement the Schmid product range perfectly. Since 2019, brine/water heat pump and air/water heat pump are offered in Switzerland.

In 2019, the Schmid moving grate furnace was redesigned. The UTSR visio impresses with a new air guidance system, newly developed grate bars, an innovative rezi concept, and a controlled bypass for high filter availability. This ensures consistently low emissions in all operating conditions.

Development of the UTSD with power range up to 250 kW. The furnace convinces with best values and can be supplied with an integrated electrostatic precipitator.

The NBE (RTB) brand pellet heaters are among the world leaders and perfectly complement Schmid's product range. Since 2018, they have been offered exclusively in Switzerland.

With the acquisition of Rieben Heizanlagen AG, Schmid strengthens the Swiss location with the two new branches in Oey BE and Roggwil TG.

The entire product range of lump wood furnaces has been updated to the latest state of the art.

Type-tested according to EN 303-5:2012 Trend-setting and powerful. Schmid energy solutions has also fundamentally revised its proven firing systems in the area of large-scale plants, creating added value for customers.

With its own heating network, Schmid itself became a heat supplier. This has also had a positive effect on the company's innovative strength. Product innovations can be tested promptly. In addition, the entire headquarters was converted into a modern test stand with the new building.

In order to be able to serve the Austrian market directly on site, the subsidiary Austria is founded.

Foundation of IS SaveEnergy AG, a start up in the field of filter and condensation systems.

Foundation of Schmid Polska with location in Elblag.

On the occasion of the anniversary celebration "75 years Schmid AG", Hans-Jürg Schmid stepped down as CEO after more than 50 years with the company. In consultation with the family, Philipp Lüscher succeeded him.

With the Personal Touch, the operation of the equipment has been significantly simplified.

After many years of concentrating on new developments in the field of automatic firing systems, Schmid launched a new in-house development for lump wood in 2005.

It became apparent that pellets were also used in the higher output range, depending on the circumstances and requirements. The existing boiler types were adapted to the fuel pellets.

Waste wood and problematic panel residues not only have a large ash content, but also a very low ash melting point. With the water-cooled moving grate, the resulting slag formation was avoided.

Developed by Schmid, later copied by all competitors. The automatic boiler tube cleaning system brought more convenience in maintenance and has helped to keep efficiency consistently high.

For the generation of electricity with wood, not only steam but also oil was used as a heat transfer medium. The advantage is that oil does not develop pressure even at 300 degrees.

The demand for high-pressure steam boilers for production heat in industry and for electricity generation was growing. The high-pressure steam was passed through a turbine to generate electricity.

The fuels required for pulverized fuel firing became increasingly moist and had a significantly higher ash content. The moving grate furnace was better able to process this fuel and discharge the ash automatically.

The Vracomat was used to fill waste wood from joineries, carpentry shops or the sawmill into a large container, shred it and automatically feed it to the furnace. A converted Vecoplan slow shredder served as the shredder.

In order to be able to serve the German market directly on site, the subsidiary Schmid GmbH energy solutions Deutschland is founded.

The new control system enabled a quantum leap in the area of efficiency and low exhaust gas values, as the control now automatically adjusted itself continuously to the required heating output.

With the push floor discharge for chips, even more difficult material could be discharged more easily and evenly.

For the first time, Schmid AG developed a control system in which the material and combustion air were automatically adjusted according to the power requirement.

A suitable boiler had to be developed so that the moist chips could also be used as fuel directly after preparation in the forest. With the new underfeed combustion system, the fuel no longer had to be stored temporarily.

Designers develop Schmid AG's first woodchip heating system.

Due to Albert Schmid's longstanding illness, his son Hans-Jürg had already been managing the company operationally for several years. In 1980 Hans-Jürg Schmid also officially took over the company as sole owner.

Due to the automatic firing systems, the wood industry increasingly required chippers for wood waste. Schmid took over the general agency of the Vecoplan chippers.

The office wing of the existing property in Eschlikon is extended. With the acquisition of a property in Moudon, a branch office is opened in western Switzerland.

Schmid Ventilatoren AG's largest order was the production of a total of 22 fans for the Gotthard road tunnel. These are still in operation (as of 2021).

In 1976, Schmid offered the first mobile chipper throughout Europe. This meant that it was no longer mandatory to install a stationary chipper with the installed woodchip heating systems. This option has significantly increased the demand for woodchip heating in Switzerland and Europe.

Compared to the injection firing system, the new underfeed firing system also allowed forest chips or chips from the wood industry to be used as fuel .

The slogan "wood energy stored" became a hit. Schmid was the first company in the world to sell log firing systems with storage. Smiled at by competitors, hotly sought after by customers. Today, the use of an accumulator is required by law.

Convenience in the wood industry was increased with the first automatic wood firing system for chips and sawdust. The existing lump wood boilers were expanded with a blow-in firing system.

In 1969, Schmid AG and Schmid Firma Ventilatoren AG were founded. In the same year, the new factory and office building in the industrial area of Eschlikon was occupied. The headquarters of the Schmid Group are still located here today.

As a locksmith company, Schmid also manufactured fans for the Sulzer company. This division was taken over by Sulzer in 1968 and continued as an independent business unit.

In 1965, the first hot water boiler for logs and chips was developed and produced.

With the move to Eschlikon, the company has expanded its range to include furnaces and wood drying systems.

The top burn-off kiln was used in drying plants in the wood industry. The air heated in a walled-in air heater was passed through the stack of boards by means of a fan. The drying of wood also required steam to prevent cracking of the wood.

Albert Schmid opened a locksmith's store at his home in Grüningen in 1936. In addition to locksmith work, horses were also shod.