New partnership in Sweden

We are very happy and proud of announcing our new partnership in Sweden with the company biOptima AB who will officially represent the Schmid brand throughout Sweden from 1st of October 2017. biOptima is specialised in the construction and operation of turnkey biomass combustion plants. Whit its long years of experience in the field of wood firing systems, biOptima ensures high quality services on all divisions, - pared with Schmid products the perfect combination for reliable and sustainable customer solutions.  

A Turbine That Offers More Than Just Hot Air

From fireplaces to large heating plants - wood has always been used to generate heat. In addition to heat production, wood can also be used to produce electricity. Hot air turbines use heated air from a furnace that is fed via a turbine and converted into electricity by the connected generator. The considerable residual heat is then used to produce hot water. The new technology is suitable for use in central locations of district heating networks – or in industrial and service operations that are focused on self-sufficiency of heat and electricity. Technical report:

Strategic partnership

Eco Fuels are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Schmid AG – energy solutions to deliver new systems, and after-sales support for existing systems.  Schmid wish to assure existing customers that in the wake of the demise of Imperative Energy, Eco Fuels are able to offer full breakdown, maintenance and parts to support all Schmid installations in the UK.

Schmid, based in Switzerland, are a manufacturer of technically advanced, high quality biomass boilers from 30kW to 6.5MW with world-wide presence.  Schmid boiler technologies have been deployed with several hundred installations in the UK.

Eco Fuels have been supplying and installing Schmid technology for 5 years, and this partnership was a natural choice for both parties.  Schmid have moved quickly to provide continuity of service to Schmid customers.  Eco Fuels’ Managing Director, Mark Thomas, said “ we are pleased to establish a direct relationship with Schmid, having committed to their technology some years ago.  This will allow us to expand and improve the scope and availability of new boiler installations, and engineers for after sales service and support”. 

Philipp Lüscher, Managing Director from Schmid said “ we are glad having found such an optimal solution with Eco Fuels to ensure the high quality after sales for our existing customers and also being able to provide advice for new projects. We are very much looking forward to establish our cooperation. “

Top-notch biomass technology

South China Morning Post covered within the Switzerland Country Report about successful swiss enterprises with strong exports in the asian market. 

Read the full article from 17 March 2015.

A strong cooperation

Our wide network consisting of strong sales and service partners is continuously growing. Since the end of august McCormick Energy Group is part of our strong and international network.

McCormick Energy Group has gained more than 25 years of experience in sustainable energie supply as well as facility management. With this experience we are able to guarantee the well-known reliable Schmid-service in North America and Canada.

We are also proud to announce our first boiler delivery at the end of september.
A UTSK underfeed stoker firing system from Schmid energy solutions will provide sustainable heat for the Lake Region High School in Naples.

SCHMID - 75 years on fire

Schmid AG celebrated its 75th anniversary on the first weekend in July. At an open day event, guests were offered an insight into production and were able to view the new building in line with the motto "discover – experience – enjoy". The culinary delicacies, drinks and cooling ice cream proved popular in the refreshment tent. Around 1,500 sausages, 500 Asiatic dishes and 1,700 ice creams were consumed. The youngest guests were entertained in the children's paradise with pony rides, face-painting and the play bus. 2,000 visitors made their way to Eschlikon for the open day event. Celebrations were held on Friday and Saturday evening with customers and employees. A total of 800 guests were accompanied through the lively evening programme by Claudio Zuccolini, a comedian from Graubünden. The highlight was certainly the farewell speech of Hans-Jürg Schmid who, after 52 years in the company, handed over the reins of Schmid AG to his son-in-law Philipp Lüscher. The local gymnasts "Konterschwung" also pleased the crowd. After a delicious meal and a generous dessert buffet, the lounge proved an inviting place for a relaxing get-together. Schmid AG is delighted that the anniversary weekend had such as positive echo.

Handing over the reins
A company is making history. Schmid AG energy solutions, the largest manufacturer of wood-firing systems in Switzerland, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. During the celebrations, after 52 years working for the company, Hans-Jürg Schmid handed over management of the company to his son-in-law Philipp Lüscher.

An unusual entrepreneur
Hans-Jürg Schmid completed his locksmith apprenticeship in his parents´ workshop and later gained qualifications in management and sales. What you can´t learn – entrepreneurship – was given to him at birth. As CEO and owner, this unusual entrepreneur was the driving force behind the success of the Schmid Group. Many innovations that proved ground-breaking for the wood-firing industry were introduced to the market by Hans-Jürg Schmid. Even though times were not always rosy, he put his heart and soul into the company, held fast to Switzerland as the manufacturing base, pushed through innovations and opened up new markets.

Chairman of the advisory board
Hans-Jürg Schmid cannot imagine a life without Schmid AG. "The company has defined my life. So it is obvious that I can´t simply give it up. I am withdrawing from the operational business and handing over management, but for the time being I will remain as chairman of the advisory board" said the 67 year old. "In addition I will continue as a consultant for the division Innovations and Client Service but with a smaller workload." Hans-Jürg Schmid is very happy that he can hand over the company in such a healthy state to his successors and is sanguine for the future. "The future CEO and company management have my full confidence. I am certain that the Schmid Group will continue to lead the market with ground-breaking innovations and will remain an important player in the field of wood energy", he explains.  

100% committed
The new CEO Philipp Lüscher joined Schmid AG energy solutions in 2003. As part of a comprehensive internal career plan, he performed various managerial functions in the areas planning and scheduling, project management and sales. As head of Strategy and Projects, he finally became a member of corporate management in 2006. "Taking over management of the Schmid Group is a great challenge for me", said the 32-year-old husband of Natalie Lüscher-Schmid. "It will be difficult to follow in the footsteps of my father-in-law who directed the fortunes of the company for 52 years and who left his mark on the whole industry." It won´t be easy to fill the gap, but he is looking forward to the challenge and is 100% committed to what lies ahead.

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